Yasemine Özsen-Batmaz



Transformative Life Coaching

Guidance in various life situations; discovery of the most authentic self.

Executive Coaching

Determine you as a leader: personal and professional development, better business results, while staying balanced and focused

Resettling Coaching

Guidance to or through moments of change; orientation to discover the best way, to your place on earth ...


Free 30-Minute Compatibility talk

Scheduled 50 Minutes Sessions

*Sessions Available in English / Turkish / German


Transformative Life Coaching

In the coaching we focus on self-awareness, decision-making, values, negative and positive triggers, goal setting, discovery of options and determine choices, ensure on decisions, and enhance personal growth. The coaching will play a crucial role in you shaping your success and navigate through the complexities of your personal journey.

Executive Coaching

I give you a confidential and objective space to reflect on your leadership, enhance strategic thinking, improve decision- making, develop communication skills, navigate complex organizational challenges, and achieve personal and professional growth. Ultimately leading to increased effectiveness and success for you, your team and you organization.

Resettling Coaching

Either you are about to change your place on earth or you are seeking change in social aspects or you are considering to move to a new work environment, all is part of resettling process. I strive to be a valuable resource for you at any circumstance in regard to life changing decisions; offering you support, guidance, and clarification.


Many people offer solutions, few deliver results. As a credentialed coach with more than 20 years corporate experience Yasemine does more than support individual and corporate clients with problem-solving. She is passionate about accompanying individuals through personal change and empower transformation by giving space to growth.

She helps leaders get transformative results to catapult their entire organizations. Her ability for excellence, execution and acceleration allows her to support change agents and increase their resilience, while leveraging their strengths to get results above circumstances.

Short story

Several happenings reasoned her to redefine herself and transform continuously. Yasemine has learned her ​native languages with aid of private lessons as preschooler and later again as teenager as her family relocated ​first from Turkey to Germany, and later from Germany to Turkey, and back again.

She accomplished her studies as industrial engineer at a French educating institution and discovered her talent ​for languages by speaking German, Turkish, French and English fluently. She enjoys working in international ​technology companies and loves to solve problems to keep the pace towards success and support teams and ​individuals to discover their real potential.

After starting her career in an American technology company she got certified in several domains such as ​project management, program management, cyber security and audit, Scrum Master and finally as Agile ​Coach and SAFe Program Consultant.

Yasemine works as an Agile Coach and helps international technology driven teams to counter challenges ​towards transformation and change.